Thursday, May 31, 2007

6 Hiya!

Well after a short post yesterday, I think I'll post a long one today! :) First off, you've only got today and tomorrow to vote for me in the Queen of the Crop contest. So if you haven't done so already, I'd love your vote. You can vote here. Saturday they reveal who gets to move onto the final round, I hope I'm there! :)

Next, my good friend Tiff (tiffbrady) tagged me! And since I blog now, I can do it! :) I'm supposed to list my favorite 5 things right now. So here we go!

1. My double jogger
2. My Elsie's 52 Challenges Book (I just can't get enough of this! Thank you Nancy!!)
3. My new dress
4. Jeremy's walker (he loves this and is so happy in it! which makes me happy because I have free arms!)
5. My Canon Rebel XTi (need I say more?)

Alrighty, now it's my turn to tag. I'll tag Amy (AmyH), Nancy, Sylvie, Emily and Angela.

Now about my day yesterday, if you're still reading! :) A temple is being built here and my husband is on the temple committee. Yesterday, they put the Angel Moroni on top of the temple, so we got to go see that! It was such a beautiful site and so cool to be there. Bryleigh and Jeremy both could have cared less, they just didn't like being in the sun for that long. But Ray and I both enjoyed it a lot! Here's a couple of photos!I did have some time yesterday to scrap. Here is my layout for today!

My little girl is amazing (of course I can say that cause I'm her mom!). She puts these 24 piece Disney Princess puzzles together like it's no big deal. So I had to do a layout about it!

Well, I better go get my day started! Have a great day everyone!
(Frames are by Nancy Comelab)


tiffbrady said...

Thanks for playing along Emily! I actually had to start blogging again so that I could do it, lol. Those pics of the Angel Moroni are awesome. What a fun thing to see! New temples are so fun! Bryleigh is one smart super cute kid. Have a great day!

Mindy P. said...

So cool that you got to see the Angel Moroni put up. I have to say that I LOVE all of your pages. You are seriously amazing. I love how you get so many great photos in one page.

Brooke said...

Love your blog! I'm a first time visitor. Gorgeous pics of Angel Moroni, I just posted pics of the St. George Utah temple. I'm trying to figure out which temple you live close to. ;) Darling layout and good luck with QOTC!!! Have a beautiful day.

solsikke said...

Love your blog, first time here, but def into my Google Reader :) Love the LO, it is super fun, really inspirering!

Sara said...

I am so behind the loop in blogging {I haven't done it in over a week - GASP!} Those pictures of the temple are beautiful and I love the layout of Bryleigh - so cute! Your blog looks great, Emily!!

Amy said...

Thanks so much for the tag, Emily! I played :)

I just can't get over this layout. I really really love it!! And your photos of the Angel Moroni are awe-inspiring!


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