Monday, August 27, 2007

2 Monster House

No, not ours, the movie! :) I had taken Bryleigh to our summer movie thing here in our town. It just happened to be the movie Monster House. I was a little nervous to have her see it, but she was so enthralled with it!! This weekend, on STARZ they showed it again. I recorded it so Ray could see it and Bryleigh wanted to watch it again. Now that all she wants to watch! As soon as it gets over, "I wanna watch it again", she says! Oh my goodness! It doesn't seem to be scaring her too much, this is like the first movie that she just sits and watches! Crazy kid! :) I have a feeling I'm going to get very sick of this movie, very quickly! LOL!

So I had time to scrap this weekend. I had time to design to, but you can't see that until later! :) But here are the three layouts I finished:

They were all so fun to create!! Have a super day, we'll be going to a Joy School meeting for Bryleigh! :)


Amy said...

Gorgeous stuff, as usual girl! Funny you should do that last layout with this post - my son can't get enough of Toy Story right now! I could recite it in my sleep. Sigh....

tiffbrady said...

I can't believe Monster House didn't scare here, lol. We kept telling Grace to cover her eyes during it. Love your new layouts! Is Bryleigh going to start preschool or are you going to do Joyschool with some other Moms? I'm doing Joyschool two days a week with Abby this year with 5 other Moms so it would be fun. Have a great day!


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