Wednesday, December 05, 2007

7 It's official...he's one!

Jeremy had a very happy birthday!! It sure was a fun one. The day was filled with routine things, but then Grandpa and Grandma Merritt drove over to spend the day with us. I had planned a Cars birthday party for Jeremy, so we blew up Cars balloons. He loved the balloons and thought it was so funny to hit them into the floor and have them bounce back up in his face! Silly boy!!

We went out to dinner at Applebee's (which just happens to be Bryleigh's favorite). Then we came home and started opening presents!! Jeremy got a Hippo that eats blocks from Nana and Papa, more blocks from Grandpa and Grandma and Little People dump truck, fire engine and pirate ship from mommy, daddy and Bryleigh. And of course Bryleigh loves them just as much as Jeremy does. In fact, it's funny...when Bryleigh turned a year old, she could have cared less for the toys, she was much more of a book kind of kid. So it kind of surprised me how much Jeremy was loving his toys!!

Next came the cake!! I really was going to make my own, but when I saw this one in the store, I knew mine would never look that good, so I went ahead and got it!

Jeremy surprised me again. I thought for sure he would dig right in...but we are finding more and more that he is a little picky about what he eats. And...he didn't want to get messy at all! The pictures with stuff on his face is from Grandpa putting it there!!

He sure was a cute birthday boy and I just can't believe how quickly the year went by. I was pretty emotional yesterday thinking of all the trials we went through right after he was born, all the trips into town to the hospital and the patience and faith I had to have to know he would come home a healthy boy. Yesterday was a special day!

Have a great Wednesday!


Trisha said...

Too cute! Sounds like he had a great birthday :)

tiffbrady said...

What cute pics Emily! Glad it was a great day!

Amy said...

OMGoodness! What a doll! Sounds like he had a fantastic first birthday! Isn't it sad how fast they grow?

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday Jeremy! I am always amazed how wild kids are about balloons. It looks like he had a great first birthday and I'm sure he will have as much fun with the peek-a-blocks hippo as my kids have. Harrison still plays with that thing and Ellie likes to push it around.

Jeff and Jen said...

He sure has changed over the year! I love the pic with the balloons in the background...he is so adorable. Though I do see you in him, I think he is looking A LOT like Ray. Just my opinion though...I am usually way off. So glad you had fun and I can't wait to see you tomorrow.

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Jeremy! :) He's so adorable and what a fun party!

Traci Murphy said...

Isn't that the best??? There's nothing like that first cake. What a cutie little mushy man he is!!!


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