Monday, December 10, 2007

6 Hi there!

Last night was the longest night EVER in being a parent. I was thinking that Bryleigh was ready and well enough to go to school today. But I was wrong. She had a fever and kept saying her tummy hurt. She woke up around 10 pm saying she didn't feel good, and kept waking up every 20 min. crying. So I was up with her until 1, then Ray got up with her many times and just stayed awake around 5:30. Poor thing. She finally went back to sleep around 7. So, no school hope is that she sleeps a long time and gets over whatever is making her not feel well. It's so sad too...she's always been my kid that never complains getting sick. Never had an ear infection, never (that I've known) had a tummy ache. She just always keeps last night was really must have finally hit her that she didn't feel well. Poor thing.

On Saturday, we took the kids to the mall to do some shopping and we stopped to see Santa. I broke down and paid the money for them to take a photo and I'm so glad I did!! I was so proud of Bryleigh, she didn't even cry, even though she looks scared! And Jeremy...well he's a typical little one, screaming and crying!

We also got snow on Saturday! And just in time for some snow layouts that needed to be done. Actually the photos in this first one were taken last year.

I'm off for the day...have a good one! :)


Gingersnaps said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Your layouts are just amazing, I could just study them all day and still not see all your detail! I know i say it all the time, but you amaze me!

Amy said...

Aw, poor Bry. Hope she feels better soon.

I'm glad it's you with the icky cold white stuff and not me! Gorgeous wintery layouts, tho ;)

Nicole said...

Emily, I'm so sorry to hear that Bryleigh isn't feeling good. You're a super mom. I sure hope she gets better soon. :) I miss you!

PotatoJack said...

Oh, poor little girl! I hope she gets better SOON...for everyones sake.

I LOVE the pictures with Santa. Hilarious!

tiffbrady said...

I'm so sorry that Brynleigh's been sick! I hope that she's feeling better today. Sick kids is now fun. I love that Santa pic! What amazing layouts as usual my friend! Have a great day!

Kurt & Kristy said...

How is Bryleigh feeling today? Poor thing! How is Jeremy? Kylie just got over pink eye! Luckily we cuaght it early enough and it cleared up really fast! I LOVE the pic of Santa! So cute! That will be fun to have! We are going to attempt to take Kylie while we're in Utah. We'll see how it goes! Only 4 days left! Yea! Love you!


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