Thursday, February 14, 2008

8 Happy Valentines Day!!

This is going to be a big post for a big day so hang tight! :)

First off, I was awoken by the wonderful sound of "mommy, we have breffas!". Bryleigh was standing next to my bed holding a plate of fruit crepes that Ray had made for me! How sweet is that?? I was so excited to get breakfast in bed and the crepes were yummy! Thank you honey! I love you!

He also bought me flowers! :)

We took daddy to work and headed to work out. This place that I work out is so great...the kids get to play with their friends and are tended for, and I get to exercise with my's a great deal! But we got quite the workout again today! We focused on our legs and although it hurt a ton while I was doing it, surprisingly my legs don't hurt much right now. :) That's either a good sign, or it means my legs will be jello tomorrow! LoL!

So...about my new store!! :) {we are} storytellers hasn't opened quite yet (yes, we are all anxious!!) but I'm just too excited so I'm going to show you all of my previews of new stuff!! Ready?? :) But first, here's a layout I just finished up with a bunch of the new stuff!

First up is another set of Foto Overlays!! This one is my favorite yet! :)

Next, some stitched circle frames, and templates to go with them! (Papers not included.)

Bracket's are all the rage right now, so why not have them in felt?

Stitch your own brackets, and there's a plain one in there for you to use as a template if you'd like! :)

Fabric strips! :) (Papers not included...these are templates!)

And last but certainly not least is the collab. that Amy Hutchinson and I did together. We are both SO PROUD of this kit!! :)

How's that for a ton of previews?? I've been very busy, but having so much fun doing it! :) Keep checking back to {we are} storytellers, sometime in the next 3-4 hours, and hopefully the shop will be up!! :)

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day! :) Love to you all!!


Shanna said...

loving the fabric strips and other goodies! WHAT FUN!!!!!!!!
How is the weight loss going? I am right there in the same boat so if you need support let me know! ;)

rem1701e said...

Love you lots too dear!

Amy said...

How sweet! Breakfast in bed! I don't think that's a pleasure I have ever had. He's a keeper!

I'm so excited! We're down to the last hour or two! Whoop!

Katrina said...

What a great Valentines!!! I Love EVERYTHING girl!!!!!! You ROCK! Can't wait until its finally open and I can see the site :)

MelissaL88 said...

How sweet - breakfast in bed. Lucky gal :)

Gorgeous stuff, Emily! Looking forward to the shop opening :)
I got your collab with Gina Miller and it's gorgeous, too!

Mandi N. said...

I can see already I'm going to be doing quite a bit of shopping in your new store! That stuff is amazing. I have to ask... on your photo for today, how did you get that picture effect where the flower is clear and the rest is blurred? Is that a camera setting?

Mikkel said...

Hi Emily! I've been trying to get my fix in so many ways for the's certainly building suspense, which is So I had to come to your blog to check it out asap! I LOVE the new products...can't wait to get my paws on some of them :-) Great stuff!! Congrats!!

trinad said...

All of your previews are awesome Emily. I'm excited for the store opening. You can tell you ladies have been working hard. I wish you tons of blessing :)


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