Tuesday, March 11, 2008


...which means long time no talk :) Blogger wouldn't let me post photos yesterday. We'll see if it works today.....

NOPE. Grrr....I've been thinking about moving to Typepad, does anyone have experience with it that wants to give me some tips? Is it worth the $$ you pay?

So I guess I'll just recap our weekend then! We had a fun one. We took the kids to Zoo Boise. Right before we left, we checked the weather report and it said it was raining in Boise, which is about 1 1/2 hours away. So we packed up the stroller and the umbrella and went. The rain wouldn't stop us!! We got there and it was just sprinkling a bit, it was nice and cool (not cold) and there were hardly any people there! It was so nice!! The kids loved it! And to our surprise, Jeremy actually responded to some of the animals. We weren't expecting him to care much, but when we walked up to the meerkat's he loved them!! It was so cute! :)

Now...I was so excited that I could just take my little red camera and I wouldn't have to pack our bit XTi around. I put it in my purse and about halfway to Boise, I took it out to take a photo of Jeremy in the car. Then I remembered...it had needed to be charged and I had forgotten to do it. Grrrr.....so, needless to say, I didn't get to take any photos at the zoo. The only photo I have is from Ray's phone. Oh well. But the worst part was when my camera wouldn't charge and was like dead. We couldn't get it to do anything and we didn't have our receipt. Luckily Target worked with us and we were able to go exchange it for a new one! :) Crazy though!

Just so you know, all the Quickpage albums at {we are} storytellers are 35% off today only!! So if you haven't picked up my Little Glam Book, Monkey Boy Album or the Truly Modly Deeply album yet...go do it! :)

Have a great day!!


Mikkel Paige said...

Emily, I've been thinking about switching to typepad too! Then there's another one, called Square Space I believe.

Unfortunately I can't offer any wisdom about Typepad but I'm curious to know too...


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