Tuesday, February 07, 2012

8 project life | week 5

         Sorry I'm so late in posting my week 5 this week...I had some printer troubles over the weekend, so I wasn't able to print off the last of my cards and didn't get it completely done until this morning. Thanks to my fabulous husband for fixing our printer!

We had a pretty boring week, so I didn't take a lot of pictures. I added in a bunch of little extras this week, which was kind of fun! I also did everything digital this week. I created every card in Photoshop and then just printed them out and I was done! I added a few staples to a couple things and that was it! I actually think I kind of like doing it this way...I always print on my cards before printing them out and there's so many great digi cards out there, I didn't feel the need to dip into my Clementine kit this week.

So here's my spread for week 5...

Here's side one... 

and side two... 

Here's a close-up of one of my favorite cards. I screen captured my dock at the bottom of my screen to show the skype button and then I added it straight to a card by Liz. I also screen captured my screen while we were talking with my parents...I love screen capturing! :) 

My daughter was picked as Star Student this week, she got to bring a sticker home everyday. She was nice enough to share one with me so I could put it in our album. :) Another card, is my water overload card...I used an alpha by CD and loved it printed right on the photo!

Also, you can see at the bottom there, I screen captured my iPad...our calendar for the month of January. I think it will be fun to look back on our daily routine and what we did every day. :) 

My kids have been slightly obsessed with Gnomeo and Juliet this week...we just got it on BlueRay. My daughter has been drawing pictures about it all week, so I had her draw the cute title to the movie...I love having her art work in our album! 

Some conversations by the boys this week...I think adding conversations and funny things the kids say in our album is one of very favorite things.

I added an insert this week, here's the two page spread with an 8x8 sheet protector... 

My funny son got ahold of my iPad during quiet time and later this week I noticed he had taken a bunch of pictures of himself. It was hilarious to see all of them, so I included some of them here.

On the back of the insert is a digital scrapbook layout I did this week. I LOVE printing out my layouts and including them here. I have 7 years worth of digital scrapbook layouts and I've probably only printed out 1/8th of those. So I love that I have an excuse to print them out and add them here!

Thanks for letting me share! Have a great day!!

Corner Round Punch (EK Success),  Binder (Pioneer 12x12 Faux Suede), Page Protectors (Becky Higgins Design D), Highlight of the Week Week CardsSimple Cards, Tiny Patterned Papers and Splattered Journal Cards by Emily Merritt, Life Recorded Stamps and Splattered Alpha by CD Muckosky,   Mega Label Pack by Amy Wolff, Love you to the Moon Elements by The Tattered Pear, Outlined Journalers by Kate Hadfield, Today Journal Cards by Valorie Wibbens, Customizable Journal Cards no.2 by Designs by Lili, Press Card Bundle and Then and Now Journal Cards by Liz Tamanaha,  Date Smash Stamp by (K&Company)


Cristina said...

I love the fun photos you included in the insert, and all the other 'little' things about your daily life!

And designing everything on the computer and printing out is easier for me too! :)

Alice said...

Your PL are always so inspiring ! I can't wait to receive my pack of plastics to get started puting everything together !
I like that you do a lot digitally. I think i'm going to go this way since i heard that the clementine kit is sold out and won't be available in Europe until may !
Thanks for the inspiration.

The Wallace Family said...

Wow you pages are amazing and inspiring! They are great..I love the picture of skyping what a cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

Tiff said...

Though you say you don't have much going on you really know how to fill your week up with great things. I love that picture of the kids on the first page. Your kids will most definitely think you're cool! You found the perfect colorful map too:) You really are great at mixing the perfect amount of color and b/w to your weeks. Awesome Em!

Jen Tapler said...

LOVE the idea of including the 8x8 digi layout! Will definitely start doing this. Great way to get them off the computer and SOMEWHERE "real"! Thanks for the inspiration!

Gingersnaps said...

I love it! I love your colors, and the paint chip you added! Perfect!

Chris Coryell said...

Love your pages! Love the comment about your kids thinking you were cool when you were young...LOVE IT! Love your inserts as well!


Brandi said...

I just love seeing your pages week after week! They are so inspiring :) Fabulous work, Em!!


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