Sunday, February 26, 2012

3 project life | week 8

Week 8? Wow....where has the time gone? The hubbs, kids and I sat down tonight and looked back through our PL album. Only 8 weeks in and it's already fun to look back on the beginning weeks of the new year. But really....week 8 already! Crazy!!

Now, this is my 5th year doing p365. I am an avid picture-taker and have so enjoyed documenting our lives one picture at a time. I have come to the conclusion though, through doing Project Life...I don't feel like I need to take a picture And it's been so freeing...don't get me wrong, I still loved doing p365. But as I've approached PL as a weekly thing, it's come together so much better for me. It's actually getting me to look at the little moments in life and document me going to a PTO meeting. I never would have thought about documenting that before. It's been so great looking for the little moments in life...things that when I look back on our album, I'll be glad I wrote about!

Here's our two week spread for week 8:

side one... 

side two... 

I've got some fun new cards coming to my store at TLP on Friday. You're getting a sneak peak. :)

I filled up my van this week...'bout had a heart attack too. I'm definitely not looking forward to the prices going up more. I also wanted to document my youngest trying to phase out naps...I really just hope it's a phase and he'll start having them again soon!

The boys were sick for a day, so I thought making this "keep out" tape to go across the little pocket would be cute!

My daughter took her daddy to "donuts for dads" this week...I added in a cute little picture she drew him in the pocket behind the picture. 

My fabulous friend Tiff is so talented! She sent me these drawings of our names that she did...I just had to include them here in my album 'cause I love them so much!!


Tiff said...

Those poor boys with their pots. Not a happy moment but I love the quarantine strip lol. Cute pic from donuts with dad. What a great mix things. Thanks for the sweet shout out and display of my doodles:) It's all great!

Dawn said...

Love your pages! I love the no nap time sign and donuts for dads...I love all the assorted things you included this week, it looks great!

Jazzmin said...

I adore your project so much Emily, I love your style and all these little details! Amazing work as always!


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