Sunday, March 25, 2012

5 project life | week 12

I've noticed I have been taking a lot of Instagram pictures again this week...that's two weeks in a row. It's just so handy having my iPhone with me and I feel like I can capture more of our everyday moments.

Here's week 12:

Side one...(after putting it together, I noticed it wasn't my usual colorful style)

Side two...(there we go, that's better!)

I was taking pictures of my little one taking a nap. This is one of the very few pictures from my Canon 7D this week. I've noticed that sometimes the angles I choose aren't the ones I meant to take in the first place. This photo was one of the last ones I took and it definitely was my favorite! 

I love this picture of my oldest...she was waiting for her music class and was looking out the window...perfection. I added in my Visiting Teaching list for my records. This will be something I will love to look back on! 

We did no TV this week...and we survived. Amazing! 

Just a self-portrait :) 

Hope you had a great week!


Alice said...

Your PL Layouts are always amazing ! Thanks for sharing and being a great source of inspiration.

Fiona said...

I love all the bright colours you used in your layouts and the fun graphics!

Kelli said...

love that bright blue that shows up in your pages, so fun! and good on you for doing no tv...I should do that, my kids don't watch all that much but I watch entirely too much!

Wendy and Karen said...

I love your bright and colorful pages.

Mindi said...

I always enjoy your pages. I love how you include some of the "FAITH" stuff - like your Visiting Teaching card. I would have never thought to add that in to my PL album. I just did mine this week !! So thank you for your inspiration.


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