Sunday, March 04, 2012

7 project life | week 9

I had so much fun putting this week together, even though I've been sick. In fact it's kind of been my place of refuge...when I've been laying in bed I've been thinking about how to put this week together.

I tried something new this week...something I've been wanting to try for many weeks, but didn't know if I'd have enough stuff to fill it...I made a Design C protector (currently out of stock) into 12 3x4 pockets. And I LOVE how it turned'll be seeing me do this a lot more from now on. 

At the bottom of side one I put our calendar from the last month...I thought at the end of each month it would be a fun thing to add in the album to show our everyday schedule. 

And here's side two with all the 3x4's...see isn't it fun? 

Some of my favorite cards...I used Lauren Reid's Jotsies 2...they had the perfect saying that I wanted for this card. And behind the card, I added in the tag that came on the pants...thought it would be a fun momento. :) 

It was Dr. Suess's birthday this week and I had all these grand plans of fun foods, crafts and reading stories but I felt awful so we just stuck with the reading of stories. I loved how the picture turned out though, I just had the kids pile on my lap with the book and held the camera above me. I just made a red/white striped gives the perfect Suessical look. ;) And isn't that Suess quote's by the fabulous CD of course! 

My husband and I got to sneak out for a date night...we chose Buffalo Wild Wings. This is my only "paper" scrapped pocket. My husband just laughs when I get so excited about take-out boxes, or bags with logos, or tags from jeans etc...he knows right where it's going, in this album. But he thinks it's pretty funny that I look for those things now. 

And my favorite card yet...of my middle one, he's so funny. He loves wearing glasses, he doesn't need to, he just likes to. He had these yellow plastic glasses he got at a friends birthday party last summer and he wore there everywhere. Well he's been a little obsessed with Harry Potter as of late, don't really know why...I think he's only seen the first movie once. But he loves it, so when we saw these Harry Potter glasses, we just had to get them for him. Doesn't he look adorable? I may or may not have drawn a scar on his head today with my eyeliner.... :)


em said...

your PL is so inspiring!! :)

Kurt and Kristy said...

Way to go on the weight loss! So proud! And that last picture of Jeremy is great! Love that boy!

Barb said...

Very cool - especially love the Dr. Seuss quote card and the divided Design C.

Jules said...

Love how you've used that Design C!
And the Jotsies cards are too cute!

Chris Coryell said...

Great pages! Love all the little tidbits you added to all the pockets.

Have a great week!


Wendy and Karen said...

Such great pages! I love the little bit of Buffalo Wild Wings packaging on your date night card. There is a lot of joy in your photos and pages.

Tiff said...

Em I just realized that I still hadn't commented on this weeks PL. Woot woot on the jeans!!! I always love your use of white space with fun bright colors. All of your individual cards are awesome. what a fun week.


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