Thursday, May 31, 2012

3 our summer bucket list...

We finished up our summer bucket list for this year! We've done a bucket list for 3 years now and the kids love checking off things every summer. We've got some fun things planned for summer vacation, so I hope to stay busy!

This year I did our list on a 2'x4' piece of MDF, found at Home Depot for about $10. It was the perfect size to put up on our cupboard in the kitchen. I spray painted it with chalkboard paint (also found at Home Depot). I picked up this chalk on Amazon. It's sidewalk chalk, but it was bright and that's what I wanted! I love how it turned out!

Also, something we're doing is an activity each day of the week. This is kind of what our week looks like:

We do each of these activities for a couple hours during the late morning. I've also set up reading time (I'm reading them Charlotte's Web right now), school work time, chores, and free time. We'll also be attending the library and the summer movies. I really hope they'll keep busy enough not to be bored, because when they're bored...they fight. :)

I'd love to see your list of fun summer activities too!


dawn said...

This looks so cool and colorful, great job on making it. I like the list of things to do and that you have a theme for each day. Hoping to have my summer list ready over the weekend and I plan on having quiet time for mom this summer as a new thing and reading time for all of us. Hoping to have kids cook in the kitchen with me but every summer this gets forgotten. Happy Summer to you and enjoy doing all these fun things.

Melissa said...

Okay, your summer list is so darn cute, not to mention creative. And the small piece of your house I can see makes me smile because it looks just as I imagined based on your scrapbook designs. Love the green piece of furniture and that owl is a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. said...

Hi there! We love your idea and will share the link on our social media pages today. Just a note... your "Follow on Twitter" and "Connect on Facebook" links at the top of your page don't work. Don't worry... we'll find you and follow! :)


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