Wednesday, January 09, 2013

3 week one - 2013

Well here we are...week 1 in 2013. I've felt such a renewed energy to complete my weeks on time and blogging them on time too! So I'm going to for-go sharing the rest of my 2012 pages for now, and I'll just start sharing 2013. If I feel so inclined, I may share them here and there.

First thing...I've decided to use a combination of Design A and Design F protectors this year. I love using the 3x4 slots and often find it hard to fill the 4x6 ones, so I think this system will work well for me in the new year.

Also...I'm documenting the week using my Big Number Week Cards. I'll also be adding in a "this week we..." card, as well as a monthly card highlighting which week it is. I'm trying to be less stringent about where I place things...I'm going to try placing those staples each week in different pockets each week. :) Also...I'm documenting Monday-Sunday this year, just thought it might be easier to keep my weekends together.

We had quite the interesting week. My husband I spent midnight, ringing in the New Year, in the E.R. My poor hubby had a bad infection that just kept getting worse, so to make a long story short...he ended up having to have surgery New Years Day and spent almost the whole week in the hospital. I took lots of pictures and wanted to document the whole experience. I blurred out our "this week we..." card and all the journaling from surgery day...just for privacy purposes. :)

Thursday happened to be our anniversary and we got to spend the whole day together. Best thing was my husband was able to come home from the hospital by lunch time! It was so great having him home! The kids especially missed him! :)

On Sunday Miles got to go to Primary for the first time, instead of Nursery. He was excited and of course didn't have any problems. Thankfully he's my easiest child when it comes to sending him off without mommy or daddy. So, so thankful for that! :)

Our daughters birthday was also on was a big day for her because she turned 8!!  That's a big birthday in our church, because she will be able to be baptized next month! She's so looking forward to it!

I tried to document her birthday with a bunch of photos throughout the day. I especially loved her picture with her new scriptures...she looks so grown up! :)

And there's my week 1!! I'd love to see yours too! :)


Valerie said...

Love your layouts. Lots of inspiration for me.
Question: One the visiting daddy photo did you just use a round brush, color it blue and use some type over it? It almost looks like you can see the photo through the letters. How did you do that?

Emily said...

Yes Valerie, I just created a circle over my photo and dropped the opacity down just enough to see through the circle. Then I just created text on top! :)

Katie said...

Hi! I stumbled onto your blog after visiting A Beautiful Mess. I love this book idea and updating it weekly. This would be such a fun project when I have kids. =)


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